Who am I …..

I am one of you ,I am one person in this world AND I am definitely willing to stay present at the moment of each hour of my day I intent to see the world and each human as I want you to see me which is Loving Caring Strong in my believes and Respectful to humans and whatever belongs to our Mother Earth.

My New Generation Blog is mostly to attract all of who want to have a life which makes them happy, where they can find solutions and they can accept themselves as they are and not having labels.

Life is LONG it has ups and downs, but we are going to focus on what makes us HAPPY and ALIVE we are going to learn to focus on the moment and find our center inside us in order to balance

.I am here to teach and guide ,learn from you and make a community from all around the world which will help us grow as humans and bring light to all.

Published by efikaratopouzi

I am a passionate Physical educator . I have been teaching for many years in schools in institutes and sports clubs. This is why the last 15 years I have dedicated my personal time in studying in-depth the needs of a human and especially young children . After a lot of research, I come out that the most important development of all, for students growth is personal awareness. Therefore I created a program that started as a pilot program in the school that t I work in, ACS Athens Community school, and from 2016 until today 2021 this program continues and has a very positive impact on students lives, not just in their skills but emotionally thinking and physically. I have studied MBSR Mindful instructor, specialized in Play therapy, Masters in Child Psychology, and attended various seminars and wellness programs. I am a Family /Kids Yoga teacher and have taught for many years kids with disabilities and abused children volunteering. I have presented my work at various Conferences abroad and in Athens regarding the MBS program /methodology. My work and methodology have been published in various magazines and in the i2flex Book of science. my mission is to establish this methodology in many schools worldwide as I believe there will be a new generation stronger than ever in Mind Body and Soul.

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