Have you ever thought how many of yourself are inside of you …please take a moment and check

Published by efikaratopouzi

I am a passionate Physical educator . I have been teaching for many years in schools in institutes and sports clubs. This is why the last 15 years I have dedicated my personal time in studying in-depth the needs of a human and especially young children . After a lot of research, I come out that the most important development of all, for students growth is personal awareness. Therefore I created a program that started as a pilot program in the school that t I work in, ACS Athens Community school, and from 2016 until today 2021 this program continues and has a very positive impact on students lives, not just in their skills but emotionally thinking and physically. I have studied MBSR Mindful instructor, specialized in Play therapy, Masters in Child Psychology, and attended various seminars and wellness programs. I am a Family /Kids Yoga teacher and have taught for many years kids with disabilities and abused children volunteering. I have presented my work at various Conferences abroad and in Athens regarding the MBS program /methodology. My work and methodology have been published in various magazines and in the i2flex Book of science. my mission is to establish this methodology in many schools worldwide as I believe there will be a new generation stronger than ever in Mind Body and Soul.

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